You cannot get or pass on HIV by rimming (licking out someone’s arse). However, hepatitis A and gut infections such as shigella can be passed on this way.


Playing with someone’s arse with your fingers is a low risk activity for passing on HIV unless you have cum on your fingers. It is important to keep your fingernails trimmed and short so as not to cut the delicate wall of the anus. Wash your hands well after fingering to prevent gut infections being passed on.


Fisting means inserting your fist in someone’s arse. Fists can create serious cuts in the lining of the arse, which can allow HIV to be passed on if the person being fisted is then fucked without a condom, or if a finger or sex toy with cum or blood on it is inserted in his arse. The person doing the fisting could also get HIV if he has any cuts or scratches. Latex gloves are important for protecting both participants. Surgical gloves are best. Be sure to remove your watch and any jewellery before fisting!


HIV can be transmitted from person to person via sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs, if they are being shared. Putting a condom on toys and changing the condom before using it with a different person will prevent HIV being passed on. Alternatively, you can wash sex toys thoroughly with soap and hot water after each person. Sex toys that are shared but not cleaned can also transmit other STIs (sexually transmissible infections).


Douching is a way of cleaning your arse before being fucked. This is done by inserting a tube into your arse and flushing it with water. Douching increases the risk of HIV infection because it removes the mucous lining of your arse. Also, using a douche with a nozzle can cause tiny cuts.


Many men find body and genital piercings a turn-on. There are a few things about piercings to be aware of:

  • Genital piercings can cause tears and abrasions in the anus during fucking.
  • Be careful that piercings on the cock don’t tear the condom.
  • New piercings do occasionally get infected: if this happens to your genital piercing, avoid sex until it has healed.
  • Getting a piercing involves penetrating the skin with a needle, which could pass on HIV or other STIs if the needle is not adequately sterilised between piercings. Always use a reputable professional piercer.

Party and play

Decisions about sex can be affected when you take drugs, especially amphetamines such as crystal meth or ice, so remember your rules and stick to them. Also, if you are injecting drugs, it’s important not to share injecting equipment.